I am Business Consultant based in North Central Florida. I help business owners by providing the following services: Business Management, Marketing Campaigns, “Business Makeovers” and more. I am now offering the following services to businesses and individuals. Graphic Design & Printing, CD Duplication, DVD Duplication & Printing, Custom Event / VIP Passes (laminated badges). Check out my Design Portfolio to see some of my previous designs, including Club Flyers, Album Covers, Print Design, Logos and TV Commercials.pewdiepie keyboard

You can now place your order here 24/7! Just click on the product, choose your quantity and options, then submit your art. Don’t have art ready? I can design your project for you. Have an event coming up? This site has been a “one stop shop” for many people in the music & entertainment Industry. I can design & print your Flyers, create your event’s laminated VIP / Access Passes and even duplicate & print your demo CD or promo DVD.

You don’t have to worry about paying too much for CD Duplication. I have already done the comparison shopping for you. View the pricing chart to see how my prices compare to a few top ranking sites on Google.